AWHI Hynpotherapy Certification Benefits


In this article, I discuss hypnotherapy training and what you might receive when you join the American Wellness Hypnosis Institute.

What motivates people to take this hypnotherapy course?

I get all kinds of answers when I asked this question of our students, and I’ve been asking it for over 20 years. Some people tell me that they come here because they’re working in an agency or a hospital or they’re teaching in a school and they feel unfulfilled.

They feel that they have more skills that could be developed so that they could be more useful to the people that they work with, so that’s one of the things that motivates people to call. Another one is that people feel trapped in the situation that they’re in, but they don’t see a way out.

Maybe they want to start a private practice, but they don’t see how they can move from this agency into the private practice. Other people already have practices going like I did in my past, but yet feel or know that there are more and better ways to treat their clients so that they can receive healing on a deeper level.

People come because they want to discover the mind, body, spirit, and healing. Often people that get into any of the fields like mental health or nursing and of the helping professions or social work have felt a spiritual calling or they have felt a calling to be a healer.

Many Benefits

Our clients and my students tell us that they received so many benefits. Many people can’t really conceive of what they’re going to receive because our teaching is so exceptional.

People learn to really get in touch with themselves to discover their own feelings and emotions and get more clear on their own relationships. So that’s one of the things that you can expect to receive when you get certified in hypnotherapy.

Also, our students find more confidence in themselves to begin to use new modes of training, and new modes of therapy for people such as the heart-centered hypnotherapy.

Each session that you do, you become more and more confident in the hypnotherapy work that you will be doing and as your clients respond in the most positive ways, that builds up your confidence to go on and do the next one.

Hypnotherapy Certification and Career

You’re going to leave this training feeling confident that you can go back and use hypnotherapy as a career. Learn more at

I have many students tell me that they’ve taken training after training after training that they really enjoyed, but then when they got home they didn’t have a clue as to how to integrate it into their practice.

There are three pieces of advice I would give to anyone wanting to consider it a career in hypnosis. The first is to make sure you thoroughly research hypnosis schools and the qualifications you will receive.

There are three pieces of advice I would give to anyone wanting to consider it a career in hypnosis. The first is to make sure you thoroughly research hypnosis schools and the qualifications you will receive.

Assuming you become a qualified hypnotherapist, you’re going to need things like insurance and insurance companies are really big on things like official every accreditation and course hours and all that stuff.

And it is different depending on where you live, so I wouldn’t be relying on googling things like hypnotherapy association for instance, because there are so many hypnosis organizations all over the world and some of them are recognized by insurance companies and some are not.

I would start with the insurance companies in your country and find out what they require and search for courses that meet those requirements. Just trust me as someone who has changed the country, I live in multiple times. Different insurance companies have different requirements and it’s a pain in the neck, but if you’re running a business, you need to consider this stuff.

Hypnotherapy Recommendations

I recommend when you’re training and as soon as you’re qualified, hypnotize lots and lots of people in real life. No amount of theory or online training is going to be a substitute for working with real people on a variety of issues. I recommend doing hypnosis for everything in the beginning to increase your skillset and it allows you to figure out what you enjoy and what your strengths and weaknesses are.

My other recommendation is to very seriously consider whether you will actually be capable of being self-employed and enjoy being self-employed. Often people think about how much they would love doing hypnosis all day and don’t consider the fact that they will be running a business on their own.

Things to Consider

You’re not just going to be the hypnotherapists. You’re going to be the booking manager, the office assistant, the receptionist, the customer service office, Ah, the complaints, escalation team, the director of marketing and social media strategist and a million other things.

You might really enjoy helping people with hypnosis, but you might not enjoy running a business on your own and having all of the responsibility that comes with that, you might not understand how to make money because it’s not as simple as getting someone to make you a shiny new website and people come throwing money at you.

It just doesn’t work that way, so it’s definitely something to consider.

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