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Did you know that the largest human penis measures 13.5 inches when erect and 9.5 inches when flaccid? Yes, said penis belongs to Jonah Falcon, an American video game journalist, which makes him one of the few men alive who can back up his boastful claims about the size of his member. The good news: You can increase your penis’ length and girth using penile extender devices like SizeGenetics.

Just make sure to set realistic expectations, however, as Hill’s impressive member is a gift from Mother Nature. Penile extender devices will lengthen and widen your penis by as much as 30% of its original size but not as impressive as Hill’s penis – unless, of course, your penis is already 7 inches in length when erect, in which case, you may want to rethink your decision to use SizeGenetics. Keep in mind that extra-large penises have their share of demerits, as Hill has found out for himself multiple of times.

How Penis Extenders Work

Penile extender devices are designed with the principles of mechanical traction in mind. It is a traction device wherein the penis is placed inside a circular ring and then slowly stretched using adjustable steel rods. Stretching the penis involves a two-way action – lengthening it while also aiding in increasing its girth.

By the way, the principles and practices of mechanical tractions are used in several disciplines in the medical field. Good examples are orthopedic surgeons stretching the bones of patients to achieve increased height and plastic surgeons stretching the grafted skin over burnt areas.

History of Penis Enlargement

Even the tribes of Africa and Asia apply mechanical traction albeit for different purposes. For example, the women of northern Thailand’s Padaung tribe start wearing iron coils around their necks as soon as they hit puberty; more rings are added as each year goes by. The result: These women have the longest necks in the world with an average of 10 inches – or double the average for most women.

Mechanical traction as used in SizeGenetics works in this way: As the tissues are subjected to gradual stretching by the penile traction device, microscopic tears are formed. The biological process known as mitosis, which involves cellular division followed by cellular regeneration to fill in the microscopic tears, starts to occur. The final result is that the penile tissues grow bigger with each stretching session using the penis extender.

Basic Usage Instructions

The instructions for wearing the penis extender are outlined in the package inserts. Basically, you will insert your flaccid penis into the device’s circular ring, clamp the steel rods on the penile head, and then make the necessary adjustments. You should initially feel a twinge of discomfort but it should go away soon enough with the proper use of SizeGenetics.

Never ever place your erect penis into the traction device. Otherwise, you will risk its entrapment within the ring, which can be an embarrassing situation in the emergency room. Just follow the instructions for use – a number of hours, kinds of adjustments, and other adjunct penis enlargement methods like diet and exercise – to achieve maximum results with SizeGenetics.

Package Contents

Men can choose from three types of packages, namely, the Ultimate System, the Device Only, and the Budget Option. The Ultimate System obviously contains all the essential tools for successful penile enhancement including:

• Traction device

• 16-way comfort strap

• Spare parts

• Instructional DVD on various sex-related topics as well as the use of SizeGenetics

• Luxury leather case and travel case

• Revita cream

• Traction Plus powder

• Wipes

SizeGenetics also comes with a 180-day guarantee for the Ultimate System and Device Only packages.

Pros to Consider

Actual users and researchers have pinpointed the following benefits from the proper use of SizeGenetics:

• Longer Penis Length – Most users report as much as 30% increase in their penile length. This is a significant improvement especially for those with the average penile length of 3-4 inches when flaccid. In time, an impressive 2.5-inch increase in penile length can be achieved and that’s only for the flaccid state; just imagine penile length during erection.

• Bigger Penis Girth – This is a bonus for most users. The circumference around the erect penis can increase by as much as 33% with the use of SizeGenetics.

• Harder and Longer Erections – Don’t forget that with larger and longer penises, it is also possible to achieve harder and longer-lasting erections. Such a bonus may also have something to do with psychology; since you are more confident about your penis, you are more likely to get aroused faster and for longer periods.


In conclusion, why SizeGenetics against other penile enlargement methods? Pills have ineffective, if not dangerous, ingredients. Pumps and weights have high risks for injuries. Surgery is highly risky. SizeGenetics, in contrast, is safe and effective.

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