I love to use pheromones to tease girls

I love to use pheromones to tease girls. For example, I always tease girls, some takes it bad some ok. I don’t care about outcome I just like to tease I guess its my personality. My question is how do you define warm? Teasing a girl is the opposite right? Not necessarily with topic of human pheromones.

You can tease girls and be warm at the same time. Think of how a father or a favorite uncle might tease a younger girl in his family. He’s smiling wide the whole time and what have you. This is not a bad model in my experience for teasing girls without large sexual experience with pheromones, or whom are cute, but not super hot. The super hot ones, in my experience, need more negging to move em down a few notches. They are used to dealing with fake over-warmth all the time and so it by itself is often a turn-off.

Teasing will only work when the girl wants your validation.

For example:

If I imitate the girl in a way that portrays her as a ditz, but she isn’t seeking my validation, then she’ll act dismissive. – She won’t care.. She might just ignore me.

But.. If I imitate a girl that is seeking my validation, she’ll say: “That didn’t sound like me” or “Shut up!” or “I’m not that dumb..” because she wants me to think highly of her – she wants to be worthy enough for my attention. I agree with Dgaunn that negging is great for knocking a girl off her pedestal.. if it’s successful, then you’ll become the spotlight in her view and she will do things to qualify herself to you. Or, even better, she’ll neg you back – in which case, you have the ability to become extremely sexual right away. – Either possibilities causes you to become the person who is validating, and causing you to become the person who is setting the mood.

You need to be careful how you tease the girl.

Don’t just imitate her to make her feel stupid.. Tease her in a sexual manner – like “Just to let you know, I’m psychic, and I know exactly what you’re thinking about right now.” *Squinty smile*

Tease her to get her into a sexual frame of mind..

“Wow, what are your jeans made out of?” *Touch her jeans, and gently squeeze her leg while looking her in the eyes*

“You’re little enough to be my toy” *Pick her up and run around with her with pheromones.

I have gone over a lot of things women look for biologically in a mate according to their biological programming. You’d have to be a fool not to think that women genuinely look at your financial state quite a lot. In one revealing documentary entitled The Science of Sex Appeal , it was revealed by Elisabeth Oberzaucher of the University of Vienna, Austria for example that women don’t even need to see pictures of men in order to formulate attraction for them. In fact, all they need to do is see pictures of their cars.

The more expensive looking the car, the more positive feelings of attractiveness and heightened levels of perception of what kind of male would be driving that car (again – that’s without seeing the actual man). Learn about the top pheromones experiments.

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