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SizeGenetics is the best penis extender currently on the market due to its high-quality precision construction and new advanced features. This makes it the most comfortable device available with 16 configurations ensuring faster and easier gains when compared to cheaper devices. If you want the best then this is it.

About SizeGenetics

SizeGenetics is a certified medical type 1 device clinically proven to add inches to your penis. It has been clinically tested and certified, endorsed and approved by medical experts. It has a 16 year proven track record for giving thousands of men just like you a bigger penis comfortably, safely and quickly.

In The Media

The SizeGenetics penis extender has been featured in GQ magazine, the Daily Express newspaper and on television across the globe. It has been tested time and time again by media experts and the results have always been positive. The journalist James Mullinger who writes for GQ magazine was able to gain ½ an inch in penis length whilst testing the device over a few weeks. He was impressed with how comfortable and easy the device was to use.

The extender was also shown on the BBC’s Friday Night with Jonathan Ross where they called it “the Rolls Royce of penis extenders” Ewan McGregor admired the unique comfort strap mechanism. Channel 4 in the UK ran a TV series entitled Extreme Male Beauty presented by journalist Tim Shaw. One episode investigated whether penis enlargement actually works. Tim tried a variety of methods including penis pills, pumps, and the SizeGenetics penis extender. He was able to add half an inch in just two weeks using the device.

What is SizeGenetics?

SizeGenetics is a cutting-edge penis extender using a new revolutionary 16-way comfort system (explained below). As with all penis extenders the SizeGenetics extender uses the theory of traction to enlarge your penis. It was invented by renowned male enhancement plastic surgeon Dr. Jon Ege Siana, M.D. to both straighten and enlarge the penis.

How does SizeGenetics work?

The device works by applying comfortable yet constant pressure along the length of the penis. Over time this continual stretching causes tiny micro abrasions and cell divisions within the penis tissue to occur. These divisions add up to a significant amount of new penile tissue growth and therefore the extension and straightening of your penis. Your penis size is limited by your Corpora Cavernosa. When you use SizeGenetics as directed the cells in your Corpora Cavernosa will split and create new healthy cells due to this cell duplication. Learn more at

SizeGenetics Medical Backing

Being a Type 1 Medical Device it has the backing of many senior doctors. Medical experts recommend SizeGenetics as an alternative to painful and risky surgery. You can find the full medical endorsements from senior Doctors on the SizeGenetics website.

Unlike cheaper penis extenders manufactured in China where low-grade materials are used the SizeGenetics extender is manufactured in Europe with high-quality precision materials. It carries a CE safety stamp and classed as a Medical Type 1 Device.

Penis extenders have been proven to work in many independent clinical studies. One such study was published in the highly reputable British Journal of Urology International. They asked the question “Do penis extenders really work? The patients were asked to use a penis extender every day for 6 months. On average the penis size gain was 1 inch and this was permanent size gain because the follow-up study 6 months later found that all patients had kept their penis size without continual stretching.

Exclusive 16 Way Ultimate Comfort System

We were blown away by the new advanced 16-way comfort system. This is what sets SizeGenetics apart from the competition and what makes it the most comfortable penis extender available. The key to successful penis enlargement using an extender is comfort. The more comfortable the device the more you will use it and the faster you will see those gains.

Over the past 10 years, SizeGenetics has been working closely with medical experts and listening to customer feedback to develop this new system. Originally it came with just a silicone noose which some users found uncomfortable. That’s why they invented the first ever comfort strap to become the best extender at the time.

Today they are using a new advanced 16-way comfort system. There are 16 possible fastening combinations you can try using the specially designed parts. The new SizeGenetics system contains the original silicon noose fastening, a comfort strap, protection pads, fabric covered latex head grip and a non-slip protection matt strip.

This means you can find the most comfortable option for you. The longer and more often you use your extender the faster and greater the gains will be, you will get the results you want.

MDA Technology

SizeGenetics now comes with MDA Technology (Multi Directional Angling). This is another reason that makes it the best. This essentially means you can enlarge your penis from an angle you find comfortable.

This technology is a huge bonus, you can wear the device throughout your day whether it is at your desk under baggy clothes, watching TV on the sofa or even lying in bed. The device can be bent upwards or downwards, it doesn’t need to be held up straight like many cheaper devices. Again the more comfortable you find an extender to wear the faster your penis enlargement will be, this technology is another leap forward for penile extenders.

SizeGenetics Bonuses

We highly recommend the ‘Ultimate System’ because of the amazing bonuses. In particular the Penis Health online access and DVD. This is the world’s leading penis stretching exercise program which when combined with your extender use will lead to faster gains and improve penis girth. Not only that but there are exercises to improve erections and perform better in the bedroom.

This really is the complete penis enlargement system available, the 16-way comfort system, MDA technology, PenisHealth, traction powder, wet wipes, travel case and aftercare moisturizer make it the most comfortable and effective way to enlarge your penis.

180 Day Money Back Guarantee

The SizeGenetics system includes a 180-day money back guarantee. You can try the device for 12 days and if you don’t see results you get your money back. This really does give you peace of mind. It shows that the manufacturers truly believe in their product. So there is absolutely no risk buying this product. This wouldn’t be the case with cheaper penis extenders out there.

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