Top Pheromones You Must Have

For many years, we have heard about how the top pheromones can increase the attraction level between women and men but what exactly are pheromones? A pheromone is a chemical that is secreted naturally from the human body that is said to increase the sexual attraction between women and men. People in their younger ages tend to produce more pheromones and as they age, the body slows down the production.

Many perfume and cologne companies have begun to add pheromones into their product so that people can experience the extra attraction that comes from the scent. This has been proven to be useful for men and women alike. The additional levels of the pheromone scent have given men and women alike a boost in their dating lives and have made them much more appealing to the opposite sex.

There are several different types of pheromones that are produced by the body. Each type is different and creates a different type of experience for the person that is wearing it. The different types of pheromones are Androstenol, Androstenone, and Androsterone.


When a woman or man sweats, they produce the pheromone Androstenol. This is the least powerful of the pheromone types but it is still just as effective as the pheromones that are added into the colognes and perfumes that are available. The smell of the Androstenol is related to sweating so the perception of someone that is giving off this scent is that they are physically fit and that they are ready to reproduce. This makes the person that is wearing this top pheromone a more sexual appeal to men and women that are around them and the subtle pine scent is typically very enjoyable to both men and women.

A benefit of using Androstenol is that is promotes a sense of calmness to both the person wearing it and the people that smell it. For someone that has an aggressive personality, this scent can help others deal with it and can help them be less overbearing. This helps people seem more friendly and approachable, which can lead to much better successes in the dating world. This pheromone is great for someone that is interested in much more in a relationship than just sex. It can lighten the mood and create the perfect atmosphere for a good conversation so that you can get to know your date on a mental level as well.


According to experts, androstenone was the first pheromone to be used and sold in products. The effects that come from this pheromone only work on women so only heterosexual men will see the benefits. This pheromone is very popular among men because it gives off the impression of them being an alpha male. A man that wears this pheromone will be seen as a very dominate, aggressive and confident man. This is a very appealing image for most men, which has made it a big success.

There are a small number of women that have a very small tolerance level when it comes to the smell of Androstenone. The smell is overwhelming and they find it very difficult to curb the sexual desires that come from the scent. Because the scent is so powerful, applying only the necessary amount is very important. When you apply too much you can end up smelling of urine or can make the women that smell it very annoyed and intimidated.

Using Androstenone is best if you are one of the shy men that typically just get looked over by women when they have many options to choose from. When someone that is already an aggressive, dominant man uses this scent the results are much less likely to be noticed. The more understated man will have better successes when they are wearing it because it will bring them up to a comparable level with some of the more dominant men and they will gain the attention that they desire.


The last type  is Androsterone which is common in pheromones for men. This pheromone is added to colognes and perfumes as well. While the other types of top pheromones can be worn on their own, without being mixed with a perfume or cologne, this pheromone is usually only used as part of a mix in a fragrance. The smell from Androsterone is effective to both men and women as well.

Using the proper amount is important to both women and men because when you have too much Androsterone on, you can smell of body odor or urine which will not help you in your search for more physical attraction. For men, the right amount of this pheromone will make you appear to be strong but at the same time it will make you appear to be a safe choice and someone that is very reliable.

There are benefits to each and every option when it comes to using pheromones but anyone who decides to try them should use them in moderation. There is such thing as too much of a good thing. Using pheromones like these can improve your dating life and can lead you down the path of finding someone to share the rest of your life with.

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