Treating Peyronie’s Disease with A Penis Extender

Caucasian males that are between 35 and 60 are the men that are most often affected by Peyronie’s disease. The usual cause is trauma to the penis. This can be the result of intercourse or other traumatic occurrence. The symptoms can range from pain to the development of scar tissue. The scar tissue is the causative factor for the curve in the penis.

The pain experienced can end after about one year, but often it is more than the patient can endure. Pain is only the physical discomfort. The disease can eventually result in erectile dysfunction. In extreme cases, impotence may result. Intercourse can become too uncomfortable to endure. This creates physical and psychological issues to both the patient and the partner.

A family doctor can make the diagnosis without an erection by palpating the scar tissue in the shaft of the penis. Family doctors or urologists can make the diagnosis and recommend the appropriate treatment. Supplements such as L-Arginine and Vitamin E are prescribed to increase the health of the penis. Being unregulated substances, they have not required to have large scientific studies performed. It has been thought that neither of these supplements is effective enough to be prescribed across a large segment of the affected population.

Symptoms can be a narrowing of the penis, pain, a bend in the penis that originates at the area of hardening or scar tissue and shortening of the penis.

The possibility of permanent disfigurement will cause patients to resort to surgery as a relief of pain and disfigurement. Often the surgery can result in impotence and is performed only in extreme cases. It is not unusual for patients to experience severe depression. This is usually the result of being unwilling to discuss the condition with their partner and their physician. It is vitally beneficial to discuss the condition with the physician to reach a potential course of treatment.

A penis extender is one potential course of nonsurgical treatment. Often a penis extender can treat the curvature that results from Peyronie’s Disease. It is an effective and safe way to assist in the correction. The fact that it is also painless makes a penis extender the treatment of choice for sufferers.

The penis extender, worn in your home allows the process to be confidential. There have been no reported side effects when the device when used as directed. The penis extender will act as a brace. It exerts an opposing force in the attempt to straighten out the penis. It will take time, but continued use as directed will result in straightening the penis either in a relaxed state or during an erection.

The pain free treatment begins with the use of a penis extender applying a stretch on a daily basis. The tension applied is the basis by which the science of an effective penis extender is developed. The application of the device will cause microscopic tears in the scar tissue. This will occur only in the area of scar tissue and is totally painless.

With constant use, these tears will create gaps in the scar tissue. This will result in the penis repairing itself. The results will be the return of the penis to its former size and function. The pain will be relieved. The curvature that resulted from Peyronie’s Disease will be gone. The elimination of the curvature will result in the penis becoming longer. The reduction is girth will also be relieved. Learn more about a penis extender.

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