Why Pheromones Matter In Dating

Women and life are one. When you conquer life, you conquer women. Everything women throw at you is to see if you have any infantile resistance. If you have female problems, you need to increase your purpose in life. It’s that simple. Petty romance problems just means you haven’t gone through any rites of passages in life. Nature has programmed you to be unable to be confident with women if you are an infantile chode. With pheromones you can get an advantage with women because of your increased confidence.

Why Pheromones Matter In Dating

In order for a woman to make accurate value judgments about a man and find out if the way he is acting is just a giant charade (is he ACTUALLY nice? Is he ACTUALLY confident? Is he ACTUALLY as good as he seems?). To deduce this, women challenge men and sub-textually draw conclusions about what that man is actually like – what they’re really like under the surface. If a woman likes you, and has decided she want to have sex with you, either that night or very soon, she will also use these tests and validators to justify her decision to use stronger pheromones. Remember, what she is about to do, goes against the rules dictated by her “social programming” so she needs to find an excuse to break those rules. In other words, what she is thinking is, how can I spin this up, so I don’t look like a slut who sleeps with a guy I just met? As we discussed before, there is no amount of logic, reasoning and verbal arguments that you can lay on her that will totally justify and ease her anxieties. The bulk of this task, as previously discussed, needs to be done by triggering her natural instincts and let her “biological pheromone programing” do the talking. Learn about Androstenone pheromones.

If I kissed your lips accidentally, would you mind? Using pheromones for men like Pherazone can make you more attractive. Whenever you ask any of these questions, you should always answer them yourself. This not only prevents you from falling into the dreaded “interview mode” but it will give you the opportunity to create sexual imagery that the limbic part of her mind will inevitably form. If you got this far, your chances of getting laid either on the same night or in the very near future are extremely high. There are very few things that can go wrong form this point forward, however, keep a calm, relaxed and controlled attitude and mentally prepare to take things to the next level and get physical. Keep also in mind that according to the instructions provided in this article, this conversation should take place with you strategically positioned close enough so you can whisper in her ear.

Is this guy even worth speaking with? Is he a psycho? All these questions pile up in her mind during the first few seconds of your interaction with her. While the answer to most of these questions has already been provided by your non-verbal communication or body language, as the conversation starts, she will continue to “validate” her initial opinion about you, with the clues you leave in the answers to the questions she asks or in the way you react to the things she says regarding human pheromones.

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