Types of Pheromone Molecules

Pheromones are chemical substances which transmit subconscious smell impulses to the opposite sex and this sets off attraction the natural way, in addition to arousal. Any time a woman gets the chemical-hormonal impulses, she immediately, intuitively reacts – without even knowing what is attracting her to

Types of Pheromone Molecules


  • Androstenone is the most potent sexual pheromone molecule.
  • Causes sexual desire and arousal in women.
  • Projects as highly sexual with strong alpha characteristics, which will help you be the center of attention and be noticed more. Since alpha males are often associated with sex and good mate choice, this pheromone molecule can create a sexual tension.

Pheromone colognes that contain Androstenone include Alfa Maschio, Holy Grail. Learn about Androstenone pheromones.


  • Androsterone is not as aggressive and sexual as Androsterone and gives you more relaxed alpha vibe.
  • Promotes the sense of “trust” with potential mates.
  • Androsterone makes the person who wears it more masculine and/or dominant but without the aggression of Androstenone. This pheromone molecule also creates an aura of safety, protection, and reliability normally associated with a more peaceful alpha male.
  • Pheromone colognes that contain Androsterone are Alfa Maschio, Wolf.


  • Androstadienone creates the feelings of comfort and connection in women.
  • It can bring two people closer together and create a sense of intimacy.
  • Elevate a woman’s mood, and can even reduce PMS stress. It has been known to increase intimacy and comfort, and can also create caring feelings. Androstadienone is also called the love molecule and it creates a crush like feeling in women.
  • Pheromone colognes that contain Androstadienone are Holy Grail, Alfa Mashio.


  • Androstenol makes the person who wears it more approachable and makes people more friendly and chatty.
  • It is a social pheromone molecule that elicits a strong social-lubricant effect.
  • There are now two types of this molecule that are used in pheromone products, the alpha and beta isomers, both seem to cause chattiness and friendliness.
  • Pheromone colognes that contain Androstenol are Glace, Holy Grail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequent questions regarding pheromones for men.

How can pheromones work if they are invisible and have no smell?

The VNO is separated from the nose organ responsible for smell. The VNO has an alternate path to the brain that leads directly to the brain structures that regulate sex hormones.

Why had I never heard of this interesting new organ and human pheromones before?

Because it’s a recent discovery! Although you may not have heard of pheromones before and of this sixth sense yet, you will soon do so: they are quickly becoming popular words.

Do we produce pheromones naturally?

Absolutely. We communicate with each other constantly in a chemical way. This is a fact that many people do not know.

If we produce our own pheromones,  then why do need to pheromone cologne?

For our cultural habits. What is the first thing we do in the morning? We take a bath. We wash our pheromones! consequently, we are left without them. (Even more, we cover ourselves from the feet to the neck, which covers 90% of our skin that releases the pheromones in the air.)

When we apply cologne with pheromones, we are replacing the pheromones that we take off with the bath. By supplementing our pheromones, we are actually “going back to nature,” and reestablishing chemical communication with the people around us.

Do pheromones smell bad?

Not at all! They have no odor, but fragrances and added essential oils give a pleasant clean smell. You would like to use this product for the pure smell even when you do not have pheromones for sexual attraction. It has a pleasant smell!

How long does it last?

They last from 8 to 10 hours when they are applied in the right places.

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